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So I’m a photographer.  I’m kinda hoping you worked that out already, what with all the photos.  I’ve been taking photos for the better part of a decade.  I’ve had some great teachers, some super lovely clients, been all around the world.  Now I’m firmly based in Crouch End, London with my testosterone heavy crew – partner, 2 boys (mine), 2 boys (his).  When I’m not immersed in all things male, I’m out making the most of London town, enjoying it’s energy, it’s culture and it’s swing dance classes!  Can you Charleston?

CURRENTLY:   Busy planning my own wedding.  Yikes!


Pictures and portraits, weddings and pledgings, marriages, mitzvas, banquets & bashes, comings out, going aways, shindigs & shenanigans. Whatever the event, my goal is capture fun, warmth and authentic storytelling so that you have a set of pictures to treasure. Choosing your photographer is a lot to do with chemistry so please, give me a call or meet me for coffee and let’s see if we’re a good fit.

POPULAR CLIENT WORDS:    “Love, love, love them!”

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